Geobox works with consolidations in import and export for all parts of the world. The company can even rely on own consolidations in the origins and destinations listed below:

Own and weekly consolidation for Santos from:
Far East and Middle East: Via Hong Kong e Singapura
Europe: Hamburgo, Rotterdam, Antuérpia, Barcelona, Gênova, Tilbury and Le Havre
Middle East: Dubai, Jebel Ali and Damann
North America Miami and New York with 8 cargo terminals
South America: Buenos Aires
From Hong Kong, Geobox offers direct exits to Rio Grande, Itajaí, Paranaguá and Manaus.

Own and weekly consolidation from Santos for:
Far East: Japão e Sudeste asiático via Shangai e Singapura
Europe: North via Rotterdam, Tilburg, Antwerp and Le Havre and Mediterranean via Genoa and Barcelona
Middle East: Dubai, Jebel Ali and Damann
North America: Miami, New York and Montreal
Central America: Veracruz, San José, Colón, Honduras, El San Salvador, Managua, Guatemala and Santo Tomas de Costilla