Competitive Differentials

Geobox is entirely structured to be your future partner for logistic solutions. For this a solid base of knowledge, relationships and a portfolio for services and products were created. This tripod underlies all the capacity to generate benefits for the customers, optimizing operations and investments. It is a real value chain where all the elements interchange amongst each other the experiences and relevant information:

Furthermore, Geobox has own offices of the group in China, Ecuador and Chile, offering several differentials:

  • Deadline flexibility as well as import and export operations;
  • Space guarantees in the 'peak season';
  • Differentiated services always available.

During the entire process, Geobox offers a personalized 'customer service':

  • Personnel in the operation with decision making power;
  • Agility in the solution regarding special needs;
  • Total focus on the client;
  • Fast specialization in its business;
  • Proactivity in presenting solutions based on former experiences;
  • Only one contact during the whole operation and a lower error margin.

Our experience in the sea freight sector and our different links within the logistic chain enable us to:

  • Offer priority in operations within the partner terminals;
  • Give a space guarantee during the 'peak season';
  • Offer equipment guarantee at the time of CNTRS lack;
  • Offer protection in freight contracts;
  • Be sure to offer a partner in incessant search of qualified suppliers.

As logistics integrator par excellence, Geobox offers:

  • Beneficial packages in cost/benefit terms when planning the logistics in an integrated form;
  • To be able to act as sole supplier to manage the whole chain at a predefined standard;
  • The client to keep the focus on the 'core business' while Geobox deals with the logistics;
  • Elaboration of KPIs together with the suppliers and the clients;
  • Accomplishment of 'door-to-door' processes in all modalities.

As partner of the big 'players' in the market and deep knowledge in freight structure of the ship-owners, Geobox makes for:

  • Competitive freights;
  • Priority in embarkment;
  • Minor financial impact due to GRIs;
  • Allocation guarantee;
  • Operational agility;
  • Your cargo to be brought to the correct ship-owner.