The Geobox goal is to work in order to facilitate the operation of the clients and to contribute to the success of their businesses. Therefore, as logistic integrator par excellence, we can control and operationalize their embarkments in several ways, both through our service contracts and through the clients’ own contracts, thanks to Geovision.

Geovision was designed to measure and improve its performance, with the objective to reduce costs. It unifies all the services and effects the elaboration of KPIs together with the suppliers what better meets the needs of the clients and presents action plans regarding the items to be improved.

With Geovision it is possible to:

  • Offer beneficial packages in cost/benefit terms when planning the logistics in an integrated form
  • Be the sole supplier to manage the whole chain at a predefined standard
  • Support the client in keeping the focus on the 'core business' while Geobox deals with the logistics
  • Accomplish of 'door-to-door' processes in all modalities